“Exploration isn't about conquering nature, planting flags or leaving your mark. It's about the opposite: opening yourself up and allowing the place to leave its mark on you."
– Benedict Allen

We are a family living in the middle of Maasailand but only 30 mins from Arusha Airport. We believe that a safari should be about more than ticking off big game sightings. Our concept is that of a country house party. By staying with us you have the unique opportunity to lift the lid on 'real' life here. For a night at the beginning or end of the safari or use us as a base to venture forth into the wilds; you are extremely welcome.



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Home for the last 10 years is the 100 odd acre farm in an area called Narengolong, 25 km from Arusha, on the Maasai steppe. Kisongo Farmhouse is surrounded by fumeroles (extinct mini volcanoes) and pastoral Maasai.  We can be in 'elephant central' Tarangire National Park an hour after leaving home. Bully for us! And handy for you too.


Nathalie and I both hail from that venerable bastion of academia, the Royal Agricultural College — before it became a grown-up University! 

After graduation, Nathalie went east to work with elephants in Nepal, then tacked south to a Fynbos conservancy in South Africa. Thoroughly acquainted, she then ran conservation projects for ‘Friends of Conservation’ in London.

Post Cirencester I was commissioned into the Household Cavalry.  After Regimental duty at Windsor and Knightsbridge my final posting was to the Headquarters Household division.